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This is merely another glimpse at my Amateur Radio Activities.


The Yagi is up!

My most recent project was putting up a 5 band / 10 element yagi. It has one feedline and no traps. I have seen too many problems with traps. I wanted this antenna to be trouble free for many years to come. I am no longer 25 years old and bulletproof. I will probably tinker with antenna designs until my last day. Climbing towers is a thing of the past..

My design includes a means of folding the tower over so that I may be able to do whatever maintenance is required. It will also be handy at the inirial tuning and adjusting stages. Primary concern , here on the Florida Gulf Coast must be strength. We have severe thunderstorms each day during the summer and sometimes the storms have a name.

I have posted some pictures of the process right from the beginning of the tower support structure.

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